5 Hurricane Shutters to Consider Buying

You have several options for hurricane shutters in Fort Myers, FL. This article shows the advantages of each one:
  • What options to pick for style, strength, and curb appeal
  • Which hurricane shutters are the best for home security and convenience
Hurricane shutters provide an added layer of protection against the worst weather, keeping windows and doors safe against high-velocity debris. This investment can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. What type of hurricane shutters are best for your needs?

1. Bahamas

Few things celebrate a tropical vibe as much as Bahama shutters. Giving your home a laid-back, energetic feel, Bahamas are perfect for beach living. If you want a combination of storm protection and incredible style simultaneously, you should definitely think about installing Bahama hurricane shutters.

Bahamas are exterior shutters that install above your windows and prop open at a 45-degree angle. You can adjust them from inside or outside the home. This allows you to enjoy fresh air and evening breezes while giving you great shade throughout the day.

Bahama hurricane shutters replace traditional wood with heavy-duty aluminum and are available in any color. These shutters are lightweight, so you can open and close them easily. At the same time, they stand up to hurricane-force winds and debris, which is something wood just can’t do.

2. Colonials

Another type of storm shutter that combines style, strength, and functionality, Colonials are one of the most popular options for hurricane protection in Fort Myers, FL. Many homes in Florida have a sophisticated look, so choosing Colonial hurricane shutters fits in beautifully with your exterior design vision.

Colonials are permanent hurricane shutters that attach on both sides of windows with pivots. When a hurricane or another intense storm approaches, it’s easy to close and lock these shutters.

Like Bahamas, Colonial shutters are made from extruded aluminum. You can choose from countless color and style options to get the right look for your home’s overall design. Even classical homes with Mediterranean-style influences, such as clay tile roofs, look stunning with these hurricane shutters.

3. Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Are you more concerned about maximum protection and strength than style? In that case, accordion shutters offer several advantages:
  • Easy to use: Accordion hurricane shutters are permanently installed next to windows and other entry points. That means you don’t have to store or install anything yourself. These shutters slide open and close easily, letting in light during the day and protecting the home during bad weather.
  • Secure: You can get accordion shutters with locking mechanisms. Business owners use this to help secure their store locations at night. Homeowners feel safer with extra protection against break-ins.
  • Versatile: At Alufab USA, we create custom accordion shutters for your home. This means you can secure any entry point, not just windows. They can be locked from the inside or outside. When a hurricane comes, it’s a relief to be able to enclose open-air kitchens, French doors, lanais, and other parts of the home.
  • Cost-effective: Accordions are right in the middle in terms of cost. They deliver wider hurricane protection for a lower cost than Colonial shutters.
Accordions are a great fit for many homeowners and business owners in Fort Myers, FL and are available in white, ivory, beige or bronze. They’re affordable, practical, and long-lasting.

4. Roll-Down Shutters

Are you looking for maximum convenience? Look no further than our heavy-duty, automatic roll-downs. These flexible yet strong metal shutters stand up to the toughest storm conditions in Florida. At the same time, they’re a breeze to operate. A simple push of a button on the remote or wall switch takes care of everything for you.

When not in use, roll-downs rest in a rectangular box above windows and other entry points. For hurricanes or theft prevention, these shutters slide down effortlessly, with a manual override in case power is out. Like with accordions, roll-down hurricane shutters are customized to your home’s specific needs. You can get large shutters for garage areas and lanais or smaller shutters for bedroom windows and picture windows. They are available in white, ivory, beige or bronze.

5. Clear Panels

Sometimes, you need something that is fast to install and relatively inexpensive. Storm panels meet this need, saving you money but also potentially requiring some hands-on work on your part.

Track-mount systems involve placing metal tracks above and below windows. When a hurricane approaches, you slide storm panels into place. These panels stack when not in use, so they don’t take up much storage space.

Direct mount storm panels are installed over windows with the hardware permanently in the structure. We recommend going with clear Lexan storm panels, in this case, to let plenty of light into the home. Our professionals will handle the installation for you.

Experts in Hurricane Shutters in Fort Myers, FL

The best hurricane shutters depend on several factors, such as your budget, style preferences, and security needs. All products can be mixed to customize to your home and needs. At Alufab USA, we can help you make a great decision. Our experts have an excellent reputation for quality and custom storm protection solutions in Fort Myers, FL. Contact us to learn more.
Featured Image: Dennis Tokarzewski/Shutterstock