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Types Of Hurricane Shutters & How To Choose The Right Ones For Your Home

Southwest Florida is one of the most hurricane-prone states in the United States. Planning and preparedness are key to protecting your home from the wrath of Mother Nature. If you wait for storm warnings, you’ve waited too long. Start preparing and protecting today.

When a hurricane makes landfall, the sheer force of hurricane strength winds can destroy commercial buildings, homes, bring down power lines, topple trees, toss boats and push vehicles in its path. When flying debris, roofing material, building siding, and items left outside are added to the mix, the potential for structural damage is even greater.

If you're looking for the best solution to protect your property against storms, Alufab USA is an excellent place to start your search. We've put together this essential guide, highlighting the most common types of hurricane shutters to help you find the right fit.

Four Most Common Types of Hurricane Shutters

Before investing in hurricane shutters, it's always good to compare the pros and cons of different products to choose the right ones for your home. But first, you must know about the different types of hurricane shutters to help make an informed decision. Here are the four types of hurricane shutters to choose from:

1. Accordion Shutters

Suitably named for their likeness to an accordion, these hurricane shutters are the most popular. Accordion shutters are made of extruded aluminum and installed permanently on either window side. Many property owners prefer these types of hurricane shutters because:
  • They are easy to use.
  • They don't take a lot of space.
  • They fold up tidily to the side of the window when not in use.
  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • Secure your home within minutes

Aside from offering maximum hurricane protection for your home, accordion shutters also protect against potential looting after a bad storm. They can be locked together to prevent thieves from gaining access to your home.

2. Roll-Down Shutters 

Roll-Down Shutters can be installed on virtually any home or commercial property. They are mounted above the doors and windows.

Many professionals recommend roll-down shutters because:
  • Ease of use: Roll-downs can be manually, electrically, or remotely operated.
  • Energy-efficiency: Keeping the heat outside and the A/C inside.
  • Durability: Roll-down shutters are tough enough to withstand Florida hurricane winds to protect your family and home.
In addition, roll-down shutters are attractive and easy to use, making them among the most popular types of hurricane shutters among property owners.

3. Bahama Shutters 

These are considered the most stylish of all hurricane shutters. They are an ideal choice for those looking for an option that offers protection and aesthetic appeal. They are also installed permanently above the windows and open at a 45-degree angle.

Although they are like traditional exterior shutters, Bahama shutters offer more benefits. For instance, they provide more options for privacy, shade, and opening the windows. They are also easy to use, heavy-duty yet lightweight, and energy-efficient.

4. Colonial Shutters

This type of hurricane shutter consists of aluminum panels mounted on hinges on either side of the window.  Colonial shutters have two hinged louvered panels that remain folded along the sides of the window. They have an exquisite appearance to add to your home's curb appeal while enhancing the security and privacy of your home.

Hire Professional Installation Services for Maximum Protection

You need to protect your property in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties from hurricanes. It's crucial to have a professional install high-quality hurricane shutters. Hiring a professional to install the right hurricane shutters will ensure your property has optimal protection.

When you hire Alufab USA, you can be assured that you are dealing with the utmost professionals and Florida's best hurricane shutter company. We install and recommend a variety of hurricane shutters and other high-quality storm protection products that proactively prepare and protect your home from severe weather conditions.

Contact us today to discuss the available options, and we’ll help you choose the products that are right for your property and budget. Plan and prepare now so you have peace of mind when severe weather approaches Southwest Florida.

Reach us at 239-842-7904 for all your hurricane protection needs and concerns.

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