Hurricane Shutters & Storm Protection Near Cape Coral, FL 

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Hurricane Shutters & Storm Protection Near Cape Coral, FL

Investing in the best hurricane protection for your Cape Coral, FL, home is something you’ll never regret. With a mix of stylish aesthetics and maximum weather resistance, our hurricane window shutters and other products keep you safe while enhancing your house’s curbside appeal.

Why Choose Alufab USA

Our team handles everything with professionalism, friendliness, and expertise. We’ve been providing trustworthy hurricane protection in Florida for decades, and we have a great reputation with homeowners and business owners alike.

These are our core values:
  • Maximum quality
  • Total customization options
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Complete installation
  • Great customer service

Our Hurricane Protection Products

Bahama Shutters

For many homeowners in and around Cape Coral, FL, weather resistance and strength rating aren’t the only things to consider. You also want to have a home that fits your preferred style. If you love houses with a tropical feel, then Bahama shutters are a perfect choice. They give your home’s exterior gorgeous island style, excellent ventilation, and lots of shade.

Our Bahama shutters are available in virtually any color palette you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for home accents that are bold or laid-back, we can accommodate. At the same time, powder-coated aluminum offers much more strength and hurricane protection than the traditional Bahamas.


One of the most popular types of exterior accents, Colonials are a common sight outside Florida homes. They add Southern charm, elegance, and color. There are many benefits to choosing Colonial shutters for hurricane protection instead of traditional Colonials:
  • Effective at shielding windows from flying debris
  • Convenient for providing storm protection
  • Attractive for complementing your design vision
  • Approved by the Florida building code
  • Durable for long-lasting performance
Colonial shutters are virtually impossible to tell apart from traditional Colonials. They're a great solution for homes with vintage or historical architecture, such as Spanish styles with tiled roofs and stucco.

Impact Windows

Impact windows take storm protection to the next level by keeping your home safe from the intense pressure changes that occur during hurricanes. In fact, with or without shutters, installing impact doors and windows is the most important part of preparing for extreme weather.
Our impact windows meet the most demanding high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) standards as well as the Florida building code. They can stand up to hurricane-force winds, rain, hail, and debris without allowing moisture into the home. Simultaneously, these premium hurricane protection products improve home security against break-ins, reduce outside noise, block UV rays and boost energy savings!

Hurricane Doors

Hurricane doors are increasing in popularity in and around Cape Coral. They let you protect your home effectively without compromising your design style. Whether you’re into Mediterranean luxury or minimalist flair, we can create custom impact doors that fit. Choose from a variety of styles, including French doors, sliding doors, entryway doors, and multi-panel folding doors.
From the outside, these doors look like traditional home accents. Underneath, they offer the latest advances in hurricane protection. Glass sheets are made of high-impact glass. Doors and door hardware are reinforced to handle heavy winds and driving rain without allowing moisture to filter into the home.

Accordion Hurricane Window Shutters

Accordion shutters close in seconds, sealing each entry point of the home with a thick layer of metal that provides unparalleled protection in the face of intense hurricanes. At Alufab USA, we customize each hurricane shutter to the specific window or door that needs to be protected. This ensures smooth operation and a perfect fit. If you want to keep your family safe against break-ins at the same time, we offer push locks and security accordions with commercial-quality locks.

Roll-Down Shutters

Our roll-down shutters are available with automated home systems, smart devices, remote controls, and wall switches for maximum convenience. This allows you to enjoy the wonderful tropical weather during the day and cool breezes in the evening. When it’s time to go to bed or if a hurricane is approaching, a simple touch of a button protects garages, lanais, open dining areas, patio doors, and other entry points.
Our roll-down shutters are popular because they’re customized for each part of the home. You decide the optimal thickness and roll-down method for your lifestyle and budget. Our team takes care of everything.

Clear Storm Panels

Storm panels allow you to install protective barriers for the home when hurricane season rolls around and remove them afterward. Tracks make it easy to slide in the panels and affix them securely.
Aluminum and galvanized steel storm panels are relatively inexpensive and strong enough for high-intensity debris. Clear storm panels have become increasingly popular because they combine the durability of other options with a see-through construction that lets plenty of light inside the home.

Bug Screens

Are you looking to protect your family against the intense UV rays in Florida? Increase your comfort level and spend more time outdoors with our high-performance bug screens. Keep insects out while allowing that refreshing breeze in. Take in Florida’s perfect sunsets and blue skies every day like never before.

The Best Hurricane Protection Team for Cape Coral, FL Residents

We provide high-quality hurricane protection for homes near Cape Coral, FL, no matter your budget, design vision, and lifestyle. Our certified pros can help you decide what type of impact windows, hurricane doors, and hurricane shutters meet your needs the best. Afterward, we take care of installation quickly and expertly. Contact us right away for assistance.