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Residential Impact Storm Protection Products

Alufab USA manufactures and delivers the most durable and highest quality storm-protection products, protecting homes and lives during the most severe tropical storms and hurricanes.  We understand Southwest Florida weather cycles and only use hurricane-rated materials and impact-resistant materials for our storm protection products so they will withstand the test of time and storms. Plus, our dedicated hurricane-protection experts go the distance to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Range of Storm Protection Products

Alufab USA has a world-class manufacturing facility where we continuously leverage cutting-edge window and storm-protection technology. Our unbeatable range of reliable storm-protection products include:
  • Many types of hurricane shutters
  • Impact windows
  • Hurricane doors
  • Accordion shutters
  • Aluminum roll-down shutters
  • Screen roll-down shutters
  • Bahama shutters
  • Colonial shutters
When tropical storm season arrives, we offer our customers solutions to keep their home safe and family secure.

Why Is It Important to Think About Storm Protection When the Weather Is Calm? 

When disaster strikes, we are ready! Are you? Southwest Florida is an active severe-storm area, we believe it's crucial to help our neighbors and communities protect their property with the best and most affordable products for impact and storm protection. There is simply no substitute for the peace of mind it brings before and during harsh weather.

Find the Storm-Protection Solution That's Right for You

At Alufab USA, we take pride in knowing every aspect of our trade. We enjoy taking the time to talk with you about the strengths and advantages of each of our carefully selected products and helping you decide which solutions are right for you. It can be a lot of information all at once, but we are here for you. Not sure where to begin? Start with scheduling a free in-home evaluation. Based on your home, we’ll discuss the most critical and consistent methods that will provide the highest level of protection in the shortest amount of time.

Impact Windows and Doors

One of the most important things to do is fortify your main entry points. Impact windows and hurricane doors will keep your house secure during the storm and in the event of an ongoing emergency. Modern impact-resistant windows protect your home from broken glass – they also provide greater insulation, reducing cooling costs during the sweltering summer months. Impact doors ensure that your entire home has as much security as possible during Southwest Florida's lengthy storm season.

Simplifying Storm Protection Where It's Needed Most

Alufab USA has made a profound and lasting effect on Southwest Florida communities. We have helped countless homeowners protect their properties with impact storm-protection solutions built to withstand even the fiercest storms. More importantly, our efforts have helped our clients and their loved ones stay safe during tropical storms and severe weather outbreaks.

We are committed to supporting our existing and future clients every step of the way by keeping them informed with expert insights into the latest developments in storm protection services and products. To learn more and protect your property before it becomes necessary, contact an Alufab USA Consultant at (239) 226-4872 or through our online form.

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